It is a fact that all sissy girls can and indeed should only cum with NO stimulation to their little clitties...

All that is required is to be very strict and not let your sissy girl cum as she once did under any circumstances and for any reason. She must begin to learn that her cute little pussy is now her main instrument of sexual pleasure along with her new additional feminine sexual zones. Before we continue and try to explain how to accomplish this, one might ask, “Why do I want to make my sissy girl have a sissygasm anyway? The answer is very simple. The amazing transformation that will occur during the following process, will be sure to make your sissy girl more obedient, very submissive, a better and more attentive sensual female lover and more attuned to her new submissive sexual female role. Indeed, she will be more in touch with her natural feminine side and made to stay there always. This includes the way she acts and dresses especially as she becomes more sexually active and submissive in a very feminine way. Her new permanent sexuality identity will emit from her every pore and infect all aspects or her sissy life making her more female literally to the very core.

I guess I should explain briefly what a sissygasm is or at least what it is supposed to be. A real sissygasm is experienced by a sissy girl via sexual penetration with a dildo (any cock shaped object counts) or a real cock usually from a hard thrusting motion either by self masturbating or via penetrative sexual intercourse with a real man. No other stimulation is required except from penetration by a cock shaped object but preferably the real thing ;) You will experience an orgasm induced only by sexual penetration and the blissful emotion that entails, you will orgasm almost just like a real girl. That is your new requirement if you wish to ever climax again.

Your sissy girl will be made to realise that this is her new sexual destiny, sissygasms WILL be her ONLY form of release in the future. After all, good girls like to get fucked hard and often and sissy girls should be no exception. Once a true sissygasm has been experienced from the feeling of penetration there is no going back. That hard throbbing cock just feels too good inside of you. It's, dildos (lots of them ;) and boys from now on for you sissy girl ;) Think about it... working to get that cock and new sexual release will take you to serious new sissy heights. You only way you will be able to cum is whilst your little sissy pussy spasms and quivers whilst gripping a thick cock of some description, fitting :) Is that a destiny you want sissy girl? ........

Set the new stage:

The first thing you need to do is let your sissy girl know your new sexual intentions for her and what her new preferences will be. Remind her that as a sissy girl she must now also fully function sexually as a girl. This will be the beginning of her pussification training! Tell your sissy girl that you are going to run an experiment on her for your own little amusement. Let her know that it will be tough and life changing, but the reward at the end of your little experiment will be utterly feminizing and very appropriate for her. Tell your sissy girl that you are going to teach her how to have a real “sissygasm” where she will feel a full blown orgasm and climax like a girl without any stimulation to her little clittie whatsoever. Let her know that when she has it, that it will be the most intense feminizing orgasm of her little sissy life, and that the wait and training for this will be very well worth it. Also let her know that you do not know how long this will take, but it will involve lots of training, but she is not allowed to cum unless achieved by your new required way for her. This is of course from sexual penetration via a dildo or real cock only from now on and in the future (this will make your sissy girl interested and perk up for sure!).

Stage 1: Going Limp, soft and remaining in a correct uniquely female condition.

First, you need to teach your new sissy body and mind that an erection is a profoundly unnatural and undesirable state for a sissy girl. You as a sissy girl require a much more fitting and correct permanent limp feminine state. Think of your silly erections like having a muscle cramp. When your leg cramps up you stop what you’re doing and don’t continue until the cramp has gone away. You want to do the same with your little silly and pointless erections. Sissy girls should always be limp, soft and tiny regardless, emulating a real girls cute little clittie. You should be always and forever soft, cute, tiny and dainty :) If you find yourself getting slightly erect at any point for any reason or if you notice you’ve become erect without noticing, stop whatever you are doing and focus on making the pointless hardness go away. Look at something else. Think about something else. Do something else. Do not continue with what you were doing until you are once again nice, soft and feminine. With time and lots of discipline, this will begin to teach your body that your clit shouldn’t be getting erect in response to sexual stimuli. You will eventually start to notice that you can focus on sexual things without fear of ever becoming erect. Your only sexual options will soon only be penetration by autonomy, just like a girl. This will make you very sexually excited but in new ways as your pussy wakes up and yearns to be filled whilst your little clittie just softens further and further.

For a very feminine sexual mindset and to affirm your new required correct sexual preferences, try this. When you are trying to think about something else when becoming soft, tiny and feminine, make an effort to only think about the girliest things you can imagine. Cute shoes, makeup, nails, and stuff that is super girly! This includes thinking about all real women and how their presence further feminizes and emasculates you. You should learn to become even tinier, softer, feminine and submissive in a real Woman's presence. You will no longer be having any sexual interaction with Women so it is very correct that a Women's presence will make you feel even more submissive, softer, tiny, dainty and yearning for manly erect hardness to fill the new void you experience inside you. Real women will pick up on this and hopefully help to further enforce your new situation and emasculate you further. This will help you to associate these new sexual feelings with being very soft, limp and always in the correct feminine mindset. This will also just plain teach you to think girly and super sexy thoughts throughout the entire day.

Second, and probably more importantly, you have to fundamentally change the way you masturbate. This will only be experienced like a girl from now on. In the past when you rubbed your little clitty it got all hard and you kept rubbing it until you climaxed. This rewards and strengthens the association your body has between arousal, pleasure, and hardness. We are going to have to change that. From now on, when you masturbate you need to do so exclusively with your sissy pussy via sexual penetration. Before you start make sure your clitty is always nice, limp and soft. Concentrate on either the pornographic material or fantasy you are focusing on. Make it something really hot - something that never fails to turn you on. Start riding that cock. You may find yourself getting hard and becoming erect. When this happens, stop and let that cock rest balls deep inside of you. Consider using your free hands to pinch your nipples or rub your thighs or maybe hold open and slap your ass - do something very slutty with the situation! Eventually your clit should start to become nice and soft again which is now very correct for you. If it doesn’t seem to want to become soft, slowly ease off on all stimulation until you’ve stopped altogether. If you still have trouble becoming soft, go do something else entirely until it finally goes down. When your clit does become soft, resume penetration with your dildo. Stop when it becomes hard, start again when it becomes soft. Continue this pattern for at least half an hour. You may need to practice everyday for a while. This process will teach your body and mind that there is a greater sexual reward if your little clittie is nice, soft and feminine. It will also teach you that breast stimulation and getting your cute little pussy penetrated are essential and important parts of having sex for you from now on, this will also help strengthen your future sissygasms. Remember and focus on your goal of having a sissygasm. You may also simply need to resign yourself to the fact that sometimes good girls like you don’t get to cum every time. Sometimes being a sissy girl is sexually frustrating. Not cumming will make you much hornier and eager for next time, which will make it all that much easier. As you get a good girl at this, you will find yourself regularly able to sissygasm while completely soft, feminine and gripping a hard cock inside you. It's an inevitable and correct conclusion for you as a sissy girl and you will learn to love it :)

Sissy girls need to be constantly reminded and trained that they do not have any need of a pointless erection. That is just silly and not correct for you any more going forward. You will certainly not and soon be physically unable to have sexual intercourse with real Women ever again so there is simply no need to be erect ever again. Indeed the very opposite is now true, being soft, limp and feminine at ALL times will be your new correct and required state. Instead of becoming hard when sexually aroused your new pussy will become excited and learn to quiver and yearn penetration. You will even imagine your new pussy is becoming wet and lubricating itself at the anticipation of receiving cock. You clittie will shrink further and further as you feel that yearning for cock to enter you. The aim is to become even softer, smaller and more feminine the more you become aroused and while you feel that cock slide inside you. When you eventually sissygasm this will also be experienced while soft, limp and in a very feminine condition, indeed this will be correct of every orgasm you will be allowed to experience in the future. The delicious irony is that you will feel the immense manly hardness thrusting inside you and you will learn to spasm hard as you sissygasm on that cock, miilking that hardness within your pussy as you yourself remain completely limp, soft and feminine. You should always be nice, soft and in the correct feminine state when taking cock inside you especially when with a real man.

Learning to always be completely limp, soft and correctly feminine is important to experiencing a true sissygasm as well as having regular sexual penetration.

Stage 2: Natural preference for chastity, lock away any trace of masculinity forever

As you no longer have any desire, need and indeed the ability to sexually satisfy women any more, chastity is the next logical natural step for you sissy girl. You are not permitted erections any more anyway and your training has taught you to always be soft, limp and girly. It is now time to seal your new sexual fate forever. You will learn to love cock and sexual penetration so much this will not be a major concern or problem for you. Losing the ability to ever touch your clittie directly will simply direct your thoughts more and more to your new pussy and how much pleasure this can now give you. Maybe in the future after being in chastity for years and taking all that cock your little clittie may shrink to simply nothing. If this happens then this it is entirely proper for a sissy girl and you should be proud that you are now so utterly tiny, cute and built for penetrative sex :) Your panties will fit so correctly then :) Until this point you should remain in chastity always, you will soon learn to climax while in chastity so there will be no valid reason to release you ever again anyway!

I think it is only fitting (no pun intended!) that you require a cute little pink chastity cage like the one pictured above. This will reflect your new female persona and further your pussification. Of course as your training progresses it may be necessary to fit smaller devices as you become more tiny and to promote this process. Your Mistress or Princess will of course decide this and will always hold the key maybe around her neck or on a cute little chain on her ankle. Not that you will ever be released anyway except for the fitting of a smaller pink emasculating chastity device as she notices you have become even smaller! The point is that all your sexual gratification will be focused on your new pussy as this will be the only way you can climax from now on. What goes naturally inside pussy? Cock of course! Soon you will be finding cock very sexually exciting and making yourself as pretty as possible to receive it. There will be a point where you will literally beg your Mistress or Princess to penetrate you or be allowed to use your dildo. Once you achieve that sissygasm whilst clamping cock in your pussy there will be no stopping you!

A chastity device will also physically prevent you from becoming erect and will ensure that when you do reach that required sissygasm you will be forced to climax while soft and feminine. All traces of masculinity will be erased as you tremble and shudder from your deeply feminizing climax induced entirely from a thrusting cock inside you ;) Remember sissy girl you will not be cumming again ever unless it is in this way. Of course being in permanent chastity will make you very horny all of the time. This will kind of have the effect of making you a real slut. You will leak constantly and copiously more so when very turned on. Since cock and penetration now makes you very very horny you will learn to literally soak your panties for it! I know that some Mistresses and Princesses use this very much to their cruel advantage. The idea is to make you think and treat your constant leaking in chastity as your new ideal natural pussy lubrication. Imagine becoming dripping for cock, just like a cock hungry whore getting very wet at the thought of his cock They will use your leaking to lubricate the dildo or real cock before it enters you. In this way you will literally produce your own pussy lubrication like a real girl. No extra lube required ever!

Do you still want to have a sissygasm sissy girl? Because when you have it and you will have it, there is no choice. That's you only way you can come now The words above will certainly ring true for you in the future and change your mind forever.

Final Stage: Full blown sissygasm and sissification

So by this stage you are a soft, submissive little sissy girl who gets very wet at the thought of cock. You have no ability to get hard whatsoever and take pride in always being soft, girly and tiny. This reality is being fully realised by the fact you are locked in a tiny cute pink feminine prison which gets smaller and smaller the more you adore cock. Only your pussy matters now and its desire to be penetrated and made to spasm on the new penetrating hardness you associate with sexual excitement. Whatever masculinity is left now will soon fade away to nothing. Your sissy girl, now armed with her new sexual thoughts and desires will adjust naturally to her new feminine position in life. If she is getting fucked everyday like a sissy girl should then this will make her yearn to make this situation even more authentic. This is especially true if acceptance of not climaxing again except for sissygams has been fully embraced. Remind her that the first sissygasm will seal her fate, as she bucks and tremors on that cock inside her, knees buckling and thighs quivering. Its only a matter of time sissy girl. After the first sissygasm that's your only method from now on :) Are you ready?

So by authentic i mean you as a sissy girl should now want to dress the part and act the part. You dress for cock, you act very feminine to get penetrated, you purrr and whimper for your Mistresses or Princesses strap on cock. This will get even worse after you experience that first sissygasm! You will beg your man to go harder, faster, the boys love this! You will naturally arch your back while pushing back to meet his or her thrusts! Little cute squeals of delight will escape your lips as that cock stretches you and makes your little pussy contract and pulse. They know it and you know it, you are going to climax like this soon, its only a matter of time sissy girl. Your sexual feelings will grow and so will your desire to be as feminine as possible.

I know one particular cruel Princess who trained her sissy to only be only able to cum when a cock ejaculated inside them. Penetration was not enough, only a man cumming inside you could bring you off? WOW that's extreme. She used an ejaculating dildo for training purposes which is actually a great idea for you sissy girl. Getting excited at the thought of and receiving cum is the natural conclusion for sex for you. You may at this point crave some cute tattoos, maybe a little butterfly on your pubic bone or a cute little bow on your lower back. You will want some very obvious cum catcher art :) Anyway I digress!

The point is this, accept this and you will take your place as nature intended. You are now a puuuuring little sissy girl for cock who soaks her panties at the thought of it. Cock drives you wild, you whimper and cry like a girlie girl while being penetrated by your Princesses strap on cock. She knows what a little whore you are. You have dressed up all pretty and you arch your back to meet every thrust. You get wetter and wetter as that cock drives you wild. Your pussy grips that cock tight as it pulsates around the thick shaft. You try to hold it back but it is just too much. Just as you climax and scream out loud sealing your sissy fate forever you feel that cock that took you to heaven pull out and cum splash all over your cute little butterfly.

Welcome to your new future sissy girl ...